I Focus On ‘Creative That Counts’ — Making stuff so good, your mom and interns can’t wait to share it.

No. I’m not your typical ‘creative’. I really don’t care about dying agencies or traditional ways of doing things (sorry). I don’t follow the rules, unless absolutely necessary. I haven’t followed a normal, down your average road American career path. I’m definitely not your everyday yes-man who has followed a cookie-cutter guidebook to life and work.

Ok…so now that’s out of the way — right now I’m a screenwriter, advertising creative director, and entrepreneur. I have some amazing projects underway that take up most of my time. Nothing makes me more excited to wake up every morning.

I care about ideas. I care about delivery. I care about making clients happy with service and results. I care about people and working on a genuine team united through candor. In advertising, I care about using creativity to achieve business goals and effectiveness. In content, I care about using creativity to tell better stories and destroying the status quo. I care about technology and using it effectively. I care about craft. I care about talent. I care about having fun. Cause…really, what’s the point if you’re not having fun?

Here’s what you get — unfiltered, authentic approaches to your business or creative problems without the baggage normally associated. It’s hard in today’s business world to get the right team and people together. I have put together creative teams in environments that have defied the odds and produced amazing results. If you want good people, you know, the ones you call ‘family’, we will get along.

It’s all about the work. Up-to-date market knowledge. And the uncanny creative ability to stay a leg up above the rest.  Egos out the door. Insecurities locked away, triple chained. Mediocrity destroyed. Nobody has time for any of that. Our mission together will be to create something AWESOME and IMPACTFUL. There is still so much awesome to be made.

So here’s to the good fight! See you on the front lines.

(And let’s have some goddam fun!)