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All content at this time is only available upon request. All are proprietary works and copyright protected. To see any of the works below, please contact me, found on the “About Me” section.

Content includes full treatments, bibles, scripts, and pilots.



Date Escapes – Anthology Series – Current Project

A sci-fi romance dramedy anthology series about next-generation love, entertainment, and loneliness.


Hot Sauce – Feature Film

An action-comedy feature that brings the innate silliness of 1980s Chinatown comedies back to the screen.


Mandate of Heaven – Anthology Series

A China-focused sci-fi franchise that’s a modern take on the ancient story of “The 8 Immortals”, bringing the perfect blend of Kung Fu and Space Ships to life.


Walking Beautiful – Feature Film

A feature drama about a young Navajo teen facing the hardships of finding her way in a complicated, modern world.

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