I Focus On ‘Creative That Counts’. Stuff that actually works & sells.

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I’m currently the executive creative director at STOIC Agency. A cool, new creative shop based in Colorado and Netherlands.

I’m also a screenwriter and behind 2 film projects in the works — a feature film and a streaming series.

In addition to this, I’m the founder of a small business called Beefy Brands – a housewares label I’ve started from scratch that makes Beefyware™️. Check us out here — www.beefybrands.com

My trade and craft began 15+ years ago, when I first stepped foot into the world of brand in the hallways of the Budweiser brewery. I was so enthralled of the idea that creativity can completely shift the perception of a product or service if it wins over the hearts and minds of its audience. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to the deep understanding of the creative concept and how it is applied to business, film, or any project-based endeavor.

My journey has brought me to multiple markets. Mainland China. Korea. LA. Chicago. Paris. Japan. Hong Kong. Vietnam. And it has brought me the fortune of working with many brands. VW. McDonald’s. Budweiser. Amazon. Everything my journey has taught me is that the human experience is indeed universally shared. And the power of STORY has the ability to shape the human experience, which is based on heart and mind.

It is only through creativity, the most powerful force in business (I’m convinced), that business and behavior can truly & voluntarily shift towards the greater good.

Talk soon.