Recycle Bin

If you work in advertising, or any creative industry job, you’ll know that IT’S REALLY HARD TO SELL GOOD WORK. If you don’t think this, then you haven’t worked in the industry long enough. It may happen every now and then, but the truth remains. Talk to the greatest creative veterans of our time, read their books, call their moms. They’ll all tell you the exact same thing — IT’S REALLY HARD TO SELL GOOD WORK.

Here’s a sample of some of the many many things that never got past the chopping blocks. I don’t really know what else to say about it. There’s a lot more somewhere on my hard drives, but who wants to sift through all that, right? This is where I’d like to showcase the kind of ways innovation and creativity, not just big budgets, can uniquely solve business problems.

Road Recovery, for example, won GRAND PRIZE at New York Festivals. That’s out of hundreds of top creative minds.

I believe strongly, despite the current market landscape, that creativity is still the most powerful force in business. If clients, creatives, and business partners can all connect the dots, there’s still so much room for amazing things to touch the hearts and minds of the world.


Road Recovery – #whenwewereyoung

This was a grand prize winning concept for Torch at New York Festivals. Sorry for the 480p. :/


Bud Light X Streetview

Really loved this one, but the Google team I worked on with this ended up deciding, despite loving the idea and partnership, they had to unilaterally cut all advertising and promotional partnerships within Street View. For the real-life earth record… we were the actual FIRST TEAM to ever approach Streetview for such a campaign, idea, and partnership. Boo yah.

Campaign Board:


Philips Respironics – The Snorograph

An app for a sleep apnea machine, that monitors your snoring while you sleep. This was a proposal for Philips to consider a new way of reaching an audience. Get them to think about their sleeping habits first, by using technology they already have.



The LEGO LEGO-izer

A tool that transforms everyday objects into LEGO pieces using Google Goggles technology, shipped right to you.

This campaign went all the way to top executives in Denmark. We worked through many, many problems and through budget constraints, had to cut the project. The client absolutely loved this type of thinking and thought we were way ahead the curve and global marketing teams, ehem, USA.



VW Tickle-me-Beetle

An outdoor stunt in China that aims to get the average person interested in a silly European car.


Amazon Kindle – Read More

This was the campaign I personally wanted to run with for Kindle Paperwhite, but the focus groups got in the way. These are our ‘animated story boards”. Focus groups can ruin the potential of a great campaign. This is a universal, across the globe phenomenon.

This was another one I was fond of.

LG Viral Films

Ask me one day, and I’ll show you the whole thing.

Bud Light Banners

Silly banners that were pretty funny.

Extra Gum Commercials

Gatorade – “Sections” – Full Body Hydration Campaign