Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


To introduce the Kindle Paperwhite, the first eReader from Amazon into China, I was assigned to create a campaign that gave an edge to not just the Paperwhite, but to Amazon the brand — the 4th largest online retailer in China.

We wanted the Chinese to know that the eReader was no different than reading a real book. We reiterated this with our ad focused on white piece of paper. Obsessed with features, we created a light and airy animation brought to life by Lucas Zanotto and his quirky paper cutout styles.

Amazon was thoroughly pleased with the result and the animation picked up numerous awards in China for a product launch.


Check out how we did it below. 🙂

Special thanks to Troublemakers Studios in Paris.


Art Direction


From the Recycle Bin

Some campaign ideas didn’t make it to the top of focus groups, and were ones I was quite fond of.

“Read More” was the campaign that I was originally pushing for, based on some deep truths that the greater mainland Chinese audience doesn’t view reading as beneficial. By highlighting the beneficial aspects of reading — like getting higher test scores – I argued that this would be the best way for Kindle to win the hearts and minds of consumers. The reality is that this campaign and concept was just a hair below the winning campaign that was produced. This is a true testimony of how most corporate advertising is done around the world. Are focus groups the right way to gauge a successful campaign? I’m not sure.


This campaign “Ink” was another one I liked: featuring all the different walks of Kindle readers out there, and how Kindle affects their reality. This also scored very high on focus groups, just a hair below “Read More”.