McDonald’s Juicy Tests


Translation: Nothing is juicier than the new McDonald’s Chicken Burger…right?

For the new Grilled Chicken Burger, McD’s claimed that nothing was tastier or juicier. So we put that to the test in a funky Youtube campaign. We created an interactive “Juicy Test” channel where people could test different ingredients in funny videos with 2 famous Korean comedians.

People could choose any item in the array, and could unlock an awesome prize (free burgers) by opening the mystery box. This was the top visited branded youtube channel ever in Korea at the time it came out, and surpassed the sales forecast by a long shot.


Campaign Board


Youtube Landing Page

Users can choose any item in the player. Each item reveals a funny “juicy test” created by the comedians. 



Interaction Sample


Grilled Chicken Burger Video


Mystery Box Video

After someone clicks on the mystery box.

Facebook Incorporation

Unlocking free Mobile Coupons after sharing on FB.


Juicy Test Screen in YouTube Player